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Tuition and mentoring is about expanding your knowledge and finding solutions not about criticism. All the photographs on this website could be tweaked or improved in some way whether at the taking stage or in the editing. Photography is both a craft and an art and both of these aspects can be learnt.

During the tuition process I will often ask you what is the picture for? Pictures for commercial use need to be technically perfect but don’t always need to be great art, pictures for publication may need to be technically perfect and contain artistic elements but then a photograph of a major news event doesn’t have to be either. Fine art pictures need the photographer to be in control of the technical side of the medium and produce their vision but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world will like the image. If you just want to take better pictures for your own enjoyment then I can help you build on your technical and compositional skills as well as helping you see new opportunities for photographs.

Mentoring is available via e mail, telephone or face to face.

I have worked as a professional photographer for over thirty years and ran a large commercial studio in Hampshire for several years. My commercial experience has included producing pictures for advertising, catalogues and wedding and portrait photography. Since qualifying as an adult education tutor I have taught photography for Norfolk County council and Reepham Learning Community adult education services and also run courses in basic computer skills. My photographs continue to be published in a wide range of books and magazines.

I offer tuition or mentoring 1-1 or to small groups in photography, Photoshop®, or Lightroom® at home. This means that you will be using your own equipment and computers. I only usually offer tuition on Photoshop, both the professional version and Elements, and Lightroom as these are the industry standard programmes and the ones that I am totally familiar with.

At home tuition or mentoring inclusive of travel in the following postcodes NR6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 

£35/hr minimum 2 hrs. Up to 3 people per group.

Online Submit up to 5 full size photographs on line and receive detailed feedback on both the technical and artistic content of the pictures. The feedback also includes a realistic assessment as whether they are suitable for submission to various picture libraries and includes advice on whether model or property releases would be required for some uses. Fee £40