Waddington 2013

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Auster G-ASYGBucker (CASA) Jungmann G-BJALJet Provost T5 XW324 G-BWSGAuster G-AIBWSupermarine Spitfire Mk IX MJ627North American AT6C Harvard G-TSIXRutan Ez G-LGEZBeech Bonaanza N59VTC130 HerculesSoko P-2Kraguj G-BSXDPiper Grasshopper G-BrorLuscombe Silvaire G-BRSWMiles Magister G-AKATYak 52 G-TYAKMorane MS-733 Alcyon G-MSALDiamond Twin Star G-DMPPSea King XV707Auster G-ASYGAuster G-AIBWAuster G-AIBW