It takes a lot of guts to stand naked in front of a camera,
to let it record,
to let it see

Some of these images have remained,
fixed in tiny silver grains, for nearly thirty years.

Then, converted into electronic code,
they continue;
their owners growing older,
changing, dying,
whilst they remain.

Others were created quite recently and are just beginning their journey,
to become a record of what was rather than what is.

Dispaly, Fine Art and Canvas prints can be ordered online, direct from labs in the US, Europe and UK. Please note that these are for display only and must not be reproduced.

Some of these pictures have been scanned from original negatives and digitally retouched so, be warned, if you are buying a large print real, genuine, photographic grain may be visible!

Non exclusive, licences for both paper and electronic reproduction are available online and the full size original can be downloaded for immediate use. All the photographs are suitable for use up to A3 with no discernable loss of quality.

Please contact me for further information or if you would like to use any of my images on any non commercial websites or blogs.

If you would like to model for similar photographs there is more info here: Models